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North American Duck Symposium and Workshop

Congratulations to the Student Travel Awards Winners for NADS 7

NADS, Inc. Student Travel Award Recipients, Annapolis, MD 2016

  • Ami C. Olson, University of California, Davis, MS Poster - "Hot Ducks: Are Unshaded Nest Boxes an Ecological Trap for Wood Ducks?"
  • Neal Martorelli, South Dakota State University - "Evaluation of Waterfowl Use and Thermal Characteristics of Alfalfa and Perennial Grasses in Eastern South Dakota"
  • Cody Deane, Montana State University, MS Oral - "Harvest and Non-harvest Mortality Relationships for Lesser Scaup Breeding in Southwestern Montana"
  • Jenn Sheppard, University of Aukland, PhD Poster - "Effects of Handling, Holding, and Surgical Times on Survival and Reproductive Performance of Female Mallards"
  • Ben Sedinger, University of Nevada, Reno, PhD Oral - "Exploring Compensation in Duck Mortality: Do Harvest Regulations Really Matter?"
  • Grace Nicolai, Mamie Towles Elementary School, Honor Roll - "Wood Duck Offspring Are Not the Same Size As Their Mothers, but Those Offspring Which Breed Are Larger"

Delta Waterfowl Student Travel Award Recipients, Annapolis, MD 2016

  • Jay VonBank, Illinois Natural History Survey, MS Poster - "Energetic Carrying Capacity in the Upper Illinois River for Waterfowl"
  • Matt Dyson, Western University/Long Point Waterfowl, MS Oral - "Habitat Selection and Survival of Female Wood Ducks and Ducklings at Long Point, Ontario"
  • Anastasia Krainyk, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, PhD Poster - "Validation and Refinement of a Decision Support Tool for Mottled Duck Habitat Conservation in the Western Gulf Coast:
  • Alan Leach, Univeristy of Nevada, Reno, PhD Oral - "Probability of Mate Change and Its Effects on Demographic Rates of Black Brant"
  • Natalie Thimot, Université Sainte-Anne, Church Point, Undergraduate Poster - "Potential Effects Of Subcutaneous Transmitters On A Pursuit-diving Duck"

USGS Cooperative Research Unit Awards

  • Brian Hidden, University of Missouri, MS Oral - "How Many Birds Are We Missing? Assessing Waterfowl Distribution and Abundance in Missouri Using an Aerial Strip-transect Survey"
  • Adam Janke, South Dakota State University, PhD Oral - "Novel Contributions of Wetlands in Agricultural Landscapes to Duck Migration in the Southern Prairie Pothole Region"

Helm Student Travel Award Recipients, Annapolis, MD 2016

  • J. Conner England, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, MS Oral - "Helminths and Health of Spring-Migrating Lesser Scaup in the Upper Midwest"
  • Joe Marty, Mississippi State University, PhD Oral - "Waste-Rice and Natural Seed Abundance in Rice Fields in the Gulf Coast Prairies of Louisiana and Texas"


NADS 6 - Travel Scholarship Recipients, Memphis, TN 2013

  • Jennifer Sheppard - University of Saskatchewan
  • Michael Mitchell - Texas A&M University
  • Mark Bidwell - University of Saskatchewan
  • Kirsty Gurney - University of Alaska-Fairbanks
  • Tanner Gue - University of North Dakota
  • Abigail Lawson - University of Nevada - Reno

NADS 5 Travel Scholarship Recipients, Toronto, Ontario, 2009

  • John A. Dassow - Southern Illinois University
  • Heath M. Hagy - Mississippi State University
  • Benjamin J. O’Neal - University of Illinois
  • Sarah J. Thompson - University of Minnesota
  • Josh L. Vest - Utah State University



Five (5) Travel Scholarships will be available to one (1) Undergraduate, two (2) Masters, and two (2) Doctoral students in the amount of $500 to be used to offset costs of attending the symposium and present their research.

Eligible students must be enrolled in an accredited University or within 6 months of graduation.  Extended Abstracts (<500 words; i.e. we are allowing more space as a courtesy to students to explain their work but note it is not a requirement) for oral or poster presentations must submitted through Google forms at NADS7 ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM AND email the abstract as an attachment in a Word document along with their current CV to the Student Awards Committee (NADuckSymposium@gmail.com).

The Student Awards Committee will then evaluate those application materials and select the recipients based on the following general criteria:

  1. Clarity of presentation, including statement of objective(s);
  2. Scientific merit, including uniqueness, hypothesis(es) and prediction(s);
  3. Study design and methods;
  4. Management applications (if appropriate);
  5. Conclusions and suggestions for future work; and
  6. The student's academic and other achievements relative to his or her career stage.

Student must submit their extended abstracts in two (2) ways:1) Submit extended abstracts via Google forms at NADS7 ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM by FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 2015. Follow the same GUIDELINES using the Abstract Template: Download the NADS7 Abstract Template.

2) ALSO - Please ATTACH your Extended Abstract (Word Doc) and CV (Word or PDF) to NADuckSymposium@gmail.com with subject line: "Student Abstract".


Students submitting abstracts to NADS 7 will also be eligible for Student Presentation Awards for Best Oral or Poster Presentation. The Student Awards Committee will announce winners of both the Travel Scholarships and Presentations Awards at the Banquet and Awards Ceremony on Friday, February 5, 2016.

Multiple Student Authorship:

The quality of an oral or poster presentation is an important evaluation criterion of the presentation. Therefore, if multiple student authors of an oral or poster presentation, then each must present part(s) of the presentation to compete for the awards. Otherwise, the award will be given to the student who gave the presentation.

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