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North American Duck Symposium and Workshop

Agenda & Program

7th North American Duck Symposium

1-5 February 2016

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Progam at a Glance Jan 2016

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Poster Session I Wednesday 

Poster Session II Thursday


Monday, 1 February 2016

12:00 - 19:00

Registration Open

13:20 - 15:20


Workshop: Remote Spatial Data Collection (Organizers: David Brandt, Bart Ballard)

13:20 - Introductions and overview (Dave Brandt)

13:30 - GPS PTTs on Mallards (Lisa Webb, USGS Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit)

13:55 - GPS PTTs on Lesser Snow Geese (Ray Alisauskas, Environment Canada, Prairie and Northern Wildlife Research Center)

14:20 - GeoTrak Inc., manufacturer of GPS PTTs (Keith LeSage, Dave Evans)

14:45 - ICARUS INITIATIVE, a new experimental global small-animal observation system (Martin Wikelski, via Skype)

15:15 - 15:30

Coffee break

15:30 - 17:30




Workshop: Remote Spatial Data Collection (Organizers: David Brandt, Bart Ballard)

15:30 - GSM CTTs on Mallard and Gadwall (Michael Casazza, USGS Dixon Field Station)

15:55 - GSM CTTs (Andrew McGann, Product Specialist, Cellular Tracking Technologies)

16:20 - VHF/UHF Linked GPS Dataloggers on White-fronted geese (Brandt Meixell, USGS Alaska Science Center)

16:45 - Geo-locators on Ducks (Chris Nicolai, US Fish and Wildlife Service)

17:10 - Discussion and Conclusions

17:30 - 19:00


19:00 - 20:00

Welcome Reception - Capital Ballroom

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

NADS 7 Program: Tuesday Titles

NADS 7 Program: All Tuesday Abstracts

*Speaker; ^Student

06:30 - 08:00

Breakfast - Capital Ballroom

08:00 - 08:20

Capital Ballroom

Opening Remarks - Chris Williams

Welcome to Maryland - Larry Hindman

08:20 - 09:40

Capital Ballroom

A.1: Plenary

8:20 - The Migratory Bird Treaty at 100: Charting a Course for the Next Century of Bird Conservation (Dan Ashe*)

9:00 - Migratory Bird Treaty: 100 Years 1916 – 2016, History, Diplomacy, and Legacy (Jerome R. Serie*, Robert J. Blohm*, David Sharp)

09:40 - 10:00

Coffee Break

10:00 - 12:00

Capital Ballroom

B.1: Waterfowl Legacies: Pioneering Diplomacy, Science, and Management: Celebrating 100 Years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (Organizer: Chris Williams)

10:00 - Management Research on Waterfowl Life Cycles, Populations and Energetics (Matthew C. Perry*)

10:25 - A Century of Land Management Evolution: From Guess Work to Complex Decision-making in Highly Modified Landscapes Exhibiting Extreme Variability (Leigh H. Fredrickson*, Murray K. Laubhan, Kenneth Higgins, Sammy King)

10:50 - Shifting Paradigms for Prairie Habitat Conservation (Bruce Batt*, James K. Ringelman)

11:15 - Eighty-five Years of Monitoring and Modeling Waterfowl Populations (James S. Sedinger*, Ray T. Alisauskas, James O. Leafloor)

11:40 - Evolving Perspectives on Waterfowl Research and Conservation: Scale, System Integrity and Human Impacts (Michael G. Anderson*, David Trauger)

12:00 - 13:20

Lunch break - Capital Ballroom

13:20 - 15:20

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 1

C.1: Current Issues in the Conservation and Management of Sea Ducks (Organizer: Chris Dwyer)

13:20 - Prioritizing Research and Monitoring to Improve Sea Duck Harvest Management (Mark D. Koneff*, Chris P. Dwyer, Guthrie S. Zimmerman, Kathleen K. Fleming, Paul I. Padding, Patrick K. Devers, Fred A. Johnson)

13:40 - Defining Sea Duck Populations: What We Wish We Could Measure and How To Interpret What We Can Measure (John M. Pearce*, Paul. L. Flint, Sarah S. Sonsthagen)

14:00 - Understanding the Diverse Sea Duck Harvest Communities for Responsive Management and Conservation (Tom Rothe*, Liliana C. Naves)

14:20 - Identifying Areas of Importance for Sea Ducks Throughout Their Annual Cycle (Nic McLellan*, Tim Bowman, Sean Boyd, Shannon Badzinski, Christine Lepage, Scott Gilliland)

14:40 - Sea Duck Habitat Associations along the Atlantic Coast of the United States (Emily Silverman*, Anthony Roberts, Kyle Detloff)

15:00 - Pacific Harlequin Ducks are Altering their Molt Behavior (W. Sean Boyd*)

13:20 - 15:20

Capital D

Concurrent Special Session Part 1

C.2: Foraging, Nutrition, and Energetics of Waterfowl: The Foundations of Habitat Management (Organizers: Scott McWilliams, Bruce Dugger)

13:20 - Energetics and Nutrition of Migrating and Wintering Dabbling Ducks – What Have We Learned in the Past 50 Years and Where Should Management be Headed (Mickey E. Heitmeyer*)

14:00 - Are Detailed Energetics Studies Needed to Assess Habitat Requirements? Allometry, Mechanistic Models, and Other Confounding Factors (James R. Lovvorn*, Susan E. W. De La Cruz, John Y. Takekawa, Samantha E. Richman)

14:20 - An Empirical Evaluation of Landscape Energetic Models: Mallard and American Black Duck Space Use During the Non-breeding Period (William S. Beatty*, Elisabeth B. Webb, Dylan C. Kesler, Luke W. Naylor, Andrew H. Raedeke, Dale D. Humburg, John M. Coluccy, Gregory J. Soulliere)

14:40 - Influences of Individual Quality and Energetic Carry-Over Effects on Reproductive Success: Evidence from Dabbling Ducks (David W. Johns*^, Robert G. Clark)

15:00 - Improving Bioenergetic Carrying Capacity Estimates by Including Morphometrics in Cost of Thermoregulation (Christopher K. Williams*, Mark C. Livolsi, Scott R. McWilliams)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

C.3: Breeding Ecology 1 (Chair: Joe Marty )

13:20 - Importance of Reproductive Costs and Quality of Female Wood Ducks on Survival and Future Reproductive Success (Robert A. Kennamer*, Gary R. Hepp*, Bradley W. Alexander)

13:40 - Habitat Selection and Survival of Female Wood Ducks and Ducklings at Long Point, Ontario (Matthew E. Dyson*^, Ted Barney, Hugh A.L. Henry, Michael L. Schummer, Scott A. Petrie)

14:00 - A Breeding Population Survey for Western Gulf Coast Mottled Ducks (Kevin M. Hartke*, Larry A. Reynolds, Kathy Fleming)

14:20 - Duck Brood Abundance in the Prairie Pothole Region of North and South Dakota (Kaylan M. Carrlson*, C. Tanner Gue, Johann A. Walker, Charles R. Loesch)

14:40 - Area Sensitivity of Productivity in Mixed Grass Prairie Upland Nesting Ducks (Mike Eichholz*, Ryan D. Hafflel)

15:00 - Ecology of Breeding Mallards in California: a Synthesis of Existing Information, and the Challenges of Harvest Management at a Local Scale (Cliff L. Feldheim*, Joshua T. Ackerman, Joseph P. Fleskes, Shaun L. Oldenburger, Gregory S. Yarris)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

C.4: Climate Change (Chair: Lena Vanden Elsen)

13:20 - Combined Effects of Climate Change and Fluctuating Habitat Quality on the Distribution of Ducks in Southern Europe (Matthieu Guillemain*, Jocelyn Champagnon, Claire A. Pernollet, Olivier Devineau, Johan Elmberg, François Cavallo, Grégoire Massez)

13:40 - Changes in Numbers and Distribution of Wintering Waterbirds in Sweden 1966 – 2015 (Leif Nilsson*)

14:00 - Factors Influencing Autumn-Winter Distributions of Dabbling Ducks in The Atlantic and Mississippi Flyways (Lena M. Vanden Elsen*^, Michael L. Schummer, Scott A. Petrie, Christopher G. Guglielmo)

14:20 - Weather Severity Indices for Estimating Influences of Climate on Autumn-Winter Distributions of Waterfowl and Hunter Opportunity and Satisfaction (Michael L. Schummer*, Michael Notaro, Lena M. Vanden Elsen, John Collucy, Michael Mitchell, and Robb Macleod)

14:40 - Implications of Climate Change for Land Use and Waterfowl Productivity in Prairie Canada (Benjamin C. Beaman*^, Benjamin S. Rashford, David W. Howerter, Christopher T. Bastian, Timothy J. Robinson)

15:00 - Current Status of Lesser Snow Geese on Wrangel Island, Russia (Vasiliy V. Baranyuk*)

15:20 -15:40

Coffee break

15:40 - 17:40

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 2

D.1: Current Issues in the Conservation and Management of Sea Ducks (Organizer: Chris Dwyer)

15:40 - Avian Cholera Epizootics in Sea Ducks and Sea Birds On Chesapeake Bay (Larry J. Hindman*, Gary Costanzo, William F. Harvey, Mark A. Wilson)

16:00 - San Francisco Bay Diving Duck Ecology: Distribution, Movements and the Unknown (Kyle A. Spragens*, Susan E.W. De La Cruz, Lacy M. Smith, Stacy M. Moskal, John Y. Takekawa, Cheryl Strong, Orien Richmond)

16:20 - Are Common Eider Nest Predators Limiting Species Recovery? (Wilhelm L. Wiese*, Christopher J. Latty)

16:40 - What Tools Do We Have for Sea Duck Conservation and What Constituencies Do We Need to Engage? (Tim Bowman*, Christine Lepage, John Takekawa)

17:20 - Industrial Interests within Arctic and Marine Environments of Importance to Sea Ducks (James Woehr*, Mary Boatman, H. Grant Gilchrist)

Are We Addressing the Right Things at the Right Scale? (Chris Dwyer*)

15:40 - 17:40

Capital D

Concurrent Special Session Part 2

D.2: Foraging, Nutrition, and Energetics of Waterfowl: The Foundations of Habitat Management (Organizers: Scott McWilliams, Bruce Dugger)

15:40 - Foraging, Nutrition, and Energetics of Waterfowl: A European Perspective (Matthieu Guillemain*, Claire A. Pernollet, Céline Arzel, Johan Elmberg, John Eadie)

16:20 - Diet and Nutrition of King Eiders and Long-tailed Ducks Arriving to Breed at Karrak Lake, Nunavut (Ray T. Alisauskas*, Dana K. Kellett)

16:40 - Geographic and Interspecific Variation of Seaduck Food Habits In Northeastern North America (Matthew C. Perry*, Peter C. Osenton, Alicia M. Wells-Berlin)

17:00 - True Metabolizable Energy of Waterfowl Foods: Our Current Understanding and Implications for Conservation Planning (John M. Coluccy*, Matt T. DiBona, Bruce D. Dugger, Mark C. Livolsi, Mark J. Petrie, Kevin M. Ringelman, Chris K. Williams)

17:20 - Effects of Recent Trends in Agriculture on Waterfowl Nutrition and Energetics (Gary L. Krapu*)

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

D.3: Breeding Ecology 2 (Chair: Clark Nissley)

15:40 - Environmental Conditions in Early Life, Recruitment Age and Performance at First Breeding in Common Goldeneye Females (Hannu Pöysä*, Robert G. Clark, Antti Paasivaara, Pentti Runko)

16:00 - Potential Role of Brood Parasitism on High Rates of Nest Desertion for Red-breasted Mergansers (Shawn R. Craik*, Rodger D. Titman, Mohammadi Kaouass, Éric Tremblay)

16:20 - Changes in Pacific Black Brant Breeding Productivity Through Space and Time (David H. Ward*, Robert A Stehn, Courtney Amundson, Christian P. Dau)

16:40 - Assessing Pre-emptive and Apparent Competition Exhibited by Cackling Geese and Lesser Snow Geese on Breeding Atlantic Brant (Clark Nissley*^, Christopher K. Williams, Kenneth F. Abraham)

17:00 - Simulations of Wood Duck Recruitment from Nest Boxes in Mississippi and Alabama (Jacob N. Straub*, J. Brian Davis, Guiming Wang, Richard M. Kaminski, Bruce D. Leopold)

17:20 - Tracking the Breeding Ecology of Cavity-Nesting Waterfowl with RFID Devices (Tez Stair*^, Ami Olson, Cara Thow, Eli Bridge, Bruce Lyon, John Eadie)

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

D.4: Habitat Use (Chair: Fritz Reid)

15:40 - Novel Contributions of Wetlands in Agricultural Landscapes to Duck Migration in the Southern Prairie Pothole Region (Adam Janke*^, Micheal Anteau, Joshua Stafford)

16:00 - Evaluating Relationships Amongst Local and Wetland Landscape Structure in Determining Waterfowl Habitat Use (Travis J. Schepker*^, Elisabeth Webb, Ted LaGrange)

16:20 - Habitat Selection and Survival of Female Mallards in the Lake St. Clair Region During Autumn and Winter (Matthew D. Palumbo*^, Michael L. Schummer, Scott A. Petrie)

16:40 - Waterbird Use of Wetlands and Aquaculture Ponds in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley and Gulf Coast Regions (Justyn R. Foth*^, Francisco J. Vilella, Richard M. Kaminski)

17:00 - Winter Flooding and Use of Rice Fields by Waterfowl in Europe: Towards Mutual Benefits for Ducks and Farmers (Claire A. Pernollet*^, François Cavallo, David Simpson, Anne Brogi, Amadou Niang, Michel Gauthier-Clerc, Matthieu Guillemain)

17:20 - Habitat Use of Postbreeding Female Lesser Scaup (Jane E. Austin*, Shawn O’Neil, Jeffrey M. Warren)

17:40 - 19:00

Dinner break - on your own

17:30 - 18:30

Pintail Action Group Meeting - Senate

17:30 - Welcome and Logistics

17:35 - Updates on Directed Studies of Northern Pintails

18:20 - Updates on Directed Studies on Scaup

 18:50 - Break

19:00 - Modeling Studies

19:45 - Discussion - Status of PAG and SAT Working Groups

19:00 - 20:00

Mentor/Mentee – Caucus

 Jim Feaga, Regional Biologist NJ/PA/Long Island, Ducks Unlimited
 Kevin Ringleman, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
 Anthony Roberts, Wildlife Biologist, Atlantic Flyway, US Fish and Wildlife Service
 Anne Mini, Science Coordinator, Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture

19:00 - 20:00

Hospitality by California Waterfowl Association - Parks Place

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

NADS 7 Program: All Wednesday Titles

NADS 7 Program: All Wednesday Abstracts

*Speaker; ^Student

06:30 - 08:00

Breakfast - Capital Ballroom

08:10 - 08:20

Capital Ballroom

Opening Remarks & Announcements - Chris Williams

Introduction to Morning Session - Tony Roberts

08:20 - 09:40

Capital Ballroom

E.1: Plenary

08:20 - Prospects for the Integration of Waterfowl Science and Management (B. Ken Williams*)

09:00 - Adaptive Waterfowl Harvest Management: Where Are We and How Did We Get Here? (Jim Nichols*, Fred Johnson, S. Boomer, B. Ken Williams)

09:40 - 10:00

Coffee break

10:00 - 12:00

Capital Ballroom

F.1: Strengthening the Links Between Waterfowl Research and Management (Organizer: Tony Roberts)

10:00 - 10:24 - Decision Analysis as a Framework to Link Waterfowl Research and Management (Michael C. Runge*, G. Scott Boomer, Fred A. Johnson, and Byron K. Williams)

10:24 - 10:48 - Waterfowl Conservation and the Value of Information (Fred A. Johnson*, Byron K. Williams)

10:48 - 11:12 - Using Science to Inform Waterfowl Habitat Acquisition and Management Decisions (David Howerter*, Benjamin Rashford, Kathleen Fleming, Patrick K. Devers)

11:12 - 11:36 - State and Flyway Perspectives on the Linkage between Research and Waterfowl Management and Conservation (Mark P. Vrtiska*, Frank Baldwin, Greg Balkcom, Jeff Knetter)

11:36 - 12:00 - Muddy Boots and Ivory Towers: Challenges and Opportunities of Applied Waterfowl Research in Academic Institutions (John M. Eadie*, David N. Koons, Todd W. Arnold, Bart M. Ballard, Robert G. Clark, Scott R. McWilliams, Anthony Roberts, Chris Williams)

12:00 - 13:20

Lunch break - Capital Ballroom

13:20 - 15:20

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 1

G.1: Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation of Monochromatic Ducks (Organizers: Ron Bielefeld, Bruce Dugger)

13:20 - Monochromatic Ducks - a Primer (Bruce Dugger*, Ron Bielefeld)

13:40 - Genomics of New World Mallard-Like Ducks (Philip Lavretsky*, Jeffrey L. Peters, Kevin G. McCracken)

14:00 - Why Are Some Ducks Brown? (Caitlin Wells*^)

14:20 - Evolution, Ecology and Conservation of the American Black Duck (Patrick K. Devers*)

14:40 - Geographic Variation in Hybridization Between Mallards and Hawaii’s Koloa Maoli (Caitlin Wells*^, Philip Lavretsky, Jeffrey Peters, Bruce Dugger, Christopher Malachowski, John Eadie, Andrew Engilis)

15:00 - At What Scale Should Mottled Ducks Be Managed? (David A. Haukos*, Jena A. Moon, Warren C. Conway)

13:20 - 15:20

Capital D

Concurrent Special Session Part 1

G.2: Incorporation of Hydrologic and Geomorphic Variability in the Restoration of Natural Processes: The Foundation for Producing Sustainable Wetland Resources for Wetland Dependent Wildlife (Organizer: Leigh H. Fredrickson)

13:20 - Setting the Stage for Restoration and Management of Natural Processes (Leigh H. Fredrickson*)

13:40 - Historic Landform Process Models: A Key to Successful Wetland and Riverine Restoration (Paul L. Tashjian*, John Vradenburg)

14:00 - Incorporating Hydrologic and Geomorphic Variables into Wetland Management in the Intermountain West (Adonia R. Henry*, William S. Smith, Leigh H. Fredrickson)

14:20 - Missouri Public Waterfowl Hunting Area Wetland Renovation, Schell-Osage Conservation Area (Frank Nelson*, Chris Daniel, Josh Cussimanio)

14:40 - Trash the Cookie Cutter and Pick Up the Puzzle Pieces (Keith Cordell*, Matt Bowyer, Frank Nelson)

15:00 - Wetland Restoration and Management in Arid Floodplains with High Agricultural and Urban Water Needs (John Vradenburg*)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

G.3: Management (Chair: Jim Anderson )

13:20 - Control of Mute Swans in the Upper Chesapeake Bay (Larry J. Hindman*, William F. Harvey, IV, Hutchison R. Walbridge)

13:40 - Mute Swan Management in New Jersey: Lessons Learned (Ted Nichols*)

14:00 - Diving Duck Response to Mixed-Species Habitat Management in an Urban Pacific Flyway Estuary (Susan E.W. De La Cruz*, Lacy Smith, Stacy Moskal, John Krause, Mason Hill, Ashley Smith, Kyle A. Spragens, John Y. Takekawa)

14:20 - Research and Management of Ducks on a Private Ranch in Argentina (Don Pablo Research Team: Andrea Amaiden, Alicia Berlin, Josh Bueth, Enrique Bucher, Anibal Carbajo, Erio Curto, Marcelo Janik, Alan Jolicoeur, Scott McWilliams, Glenn Olsen, Christopher Perry, Matthew Perry*, Marcelo Prodel, Marcelo Romano, Sarah Sandoval-Mohapatra, Edward Soutiere)

14:40 - Success Factors Behind Multi-Stakeholder Multi-Species Management of Geese in an Agricultural Landscape (Johan Elmberg*)

15:00 - Hot Ducks: Are Unshaded Nest Boxes an Ecological Trap for Wood Ducks? (Ami C. Olson*^, John M. Eadie, Gary R. Hepp, Brian W. Olson)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

G.4: Techniques 1 (Chair: Donald Kraege)

13:20 - Employing Digital Still Imaging and Observer Counts to Estimate Bias in Aerial Surveys of Wintering Sea Ducks (Joseph R. Evenson*, Heather J. Tschaekofske, Jeffery B. Leirness, Emily D. Silverman, Tom A. Cyra, Bryan L. Murphie, Donald K. Kraege)

13:40 - Comparison of Aerial Waterfowl Survey Methods during Fall and Spring Migration (Aaron P. Yetter*, Heath M. Hagy, Michelle M. Horath, Joshua M. Osborn)

14:00 - Modeling Observer Detection Rates in Aerial Surveys (Mark C. Otto*, John R. Sauer)

14:20 - Survey Design for Breeding Scoters: Helicopter vs. Fixed-wing (Scott G. Gilliland*, Eric Reed, Christine Lepage, Jean-Pierre L. Savard, Daniel Bordage, Greg Robertson, Jean Rodrigue, John Bidwell, and Bill Harvey)

14:40 - What the Four-Square-Mile-Survey Can Tell Us About Long-term ChangesiIn Prairie Wetlands (Erin Roche*, Terry Shaffer, Brian Wangle)

 15:00 - Is the Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey Conducted Too Early for Late-nesting Species? (Terry Shaffe*, Brian Wangler, Terry Liddick)

15:20 -15:40

Coffee break


15:40 - 17:40

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 2

H.1: Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation of Monochromatic Ducks (Organizers: Ron Bielefeld, Bruce Dugger)

15:40 - Prioritizing Mottled Duck Habitat for Conservation along the Western Gulf Coast (Anastasia Krainyk*^, Bart M. Ballard, Michael G. Brasher, Barry C. Wilson, Mark W. Parr, Jena A. Moon, Cynthia Kallio Edwards)

16:00 - Keeping the Florida Mottled Duck a Monochrome (Jamie C. Feddersen*, Ronald R. Bielefeld)

16:20 - Movements and Seasonal Use of Habitats by Female Mottled Ducks in Southeast Florida (Dana M. Varner*, Gary R. Hepp, Ronald R. Bielefeld)

16:40 - Timing and Movements of Mottled Ducks in Georgia and South Carolina (Kaylee M. Pollander*^, Greg D. Balkcom, and Michael J. Chamberlain)

17:00 - Survival and Recovery of Mottled Ducks in Coastal South Carolina 2008-2014 (Molly R. Kneece*^, Joseph D. Lancaster, J. Brian Davis, J. Clay Shipes, Dean E. Harrigal)

17:20 - Social Indices of Breeding Mottled Ducks in Coastal South Carolina (J. Clay Shipes*, Molly R. Kneece, J. Brian Davis, Ernie P. Wiggers, Richard. M. Kaminski)

15:40 - 17:40

Capital D

Concurrent Special Session Part 2

H.2: Incorporation of Hydrologic and Geomorphic Variability in the Restoration of Natural Processes: The Foundation for Producing Sustainable Wetland Resources for Wetland Dependent Wildlife (Organizer: Leigh H. Fredrickson)

15:40 - Assessing the Value of Sediment Removal in Restoring Prairie Pothole Wetlands (Shawn G. Papon*)

16:00 - Private Land Initiatives in the Bottomland Hardwood Region of Bayou Meto Arkansas (Jody Pagan*)

16:20 - Restoration of Native Hawaiian Plant Communities to Benefit Five Endangered Waterbirds: Recognition of Geomorphic Surfaces, Hydrologic Conditions, Native Seed Banks, and Bugs as a Path To Success (Chadd Smith*)

16:40 - Rehabilitation and Management of a Shallow Lake Complex in South Central Minnesota (Jeanine Vorland*)

17:00 - Discussion (Leigh H. Fredrickson*)

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

H.3: Human Dimensions (Chair: Dean Smith )

15:40 - Evaluating the Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative after the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill: Waterbird and Seed Abundance (Jessica L. Tapp*^, Matthew M. Weegman*, Richard M. Kaminski, J. Brian Davis, Elisabeth B. Webb, Kevin D. Nelms)

16:00 - Integrating Human Dimensions into Habitat Delivery: Relationships Among Landscape Characteristics and Recreation (Patrick K. Devers*, Anthony Roberts, Paul Padding, Robert Raftovich, Scott Knoche)

16:20 - Prairie Pothole Politics: Opportunities and Challenges to Conserving the Duck Factory (Eric B. Lindstrom*)

16:40 - Roads, Pipelines, and Seismic Lines…What Do They Mean for Boreal Ducks? (Stuart Slattery, Susan Witherly, Glenn Mack, Llwellyn Armstrong, Howie Singer, Jared Knockaert, Dave Howerter)

17:00 - Urban Takeover: Canada Geese Shifting from City Parks to Industrial Rooftop (Brett E. Dorak*^, Heath M. Hagy, Mike P. Ward)

17:20 - Open

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

H.4: Techniques 2 (Chair: Mike Buxton )

15:40 - How Many Birds Are We Missing? Assessing Waterfowl Distribution and Abundance in Missouri Using an Aerial Strip-transect Survey (Brian S. Hidden*^, Elisabeth B. Webb, Andy H. Raedeke, Xiaoming Gao)

16:00 - Survey of Wetland Management Techniques in California – The 50 Buck Duck (Michael Brown*, John M. Eadie, Mark Lubell, Robert H. Doster, Rob Holbrook, Chadd Santerre, Bruce Wickland, Dean Kwasny)

16:20 - Geolocators: Breeding Probability and Movement of Three Species of Ducks (Chris A. Nicolai*, Ben S. Sedinger)

16:40 - Backscatter-brained: Using Radar Imagery to Determine Wetland Inundation Pattern (John R. O'Connell*^, Michael W. Eichholz, Heath M. Hagy)

17:00 - How Will Predicted Land Use Change Affect Mallard Spring Migration Stopover Ecology? Inferences from an Agent-based Model (William S. Beatty, Dylan C. Kesler, Elisabeth B. Webb*, Luke W. Naylor, Andrew H. Raedeke, Dale D. Humburg, John M. Coluccy, Gregory J. Soulliere)

17:20 - A Contrast of Alternative Survey Methodologies in the 2015 Survey of Louisiana Waterfowl Hunters (Lucien P. Laborde, Jr*, Michael D. Kaller, Larry A. Reynolds)

17:40 - 19:00

Dinner Break - on your own

NADS Board meeting - Senate

19:00 - 22:00

Poster Session I - Annapolis Ballroom

Poster Session I: All Abstracts

Hospitality hosted by California Waterfowl Association - Park Place


Thursday, 4 February 2016

NADS 7 Program: Thursday Titles

NADS 7 Program: All Thursday Abstracts

*Speaker; ^Student

06:30 - 08:00

Breakfast - Capital Ballroom

08:10 - 08:20

Capital Ballroom

Opening Remarks & Announcements - Chris Williams

Introduction to Morning Session - Todd Arnold

08:20 - 09:40

Capital Ballroom

I.1: Plenary

8:20 - Using Population Models to Test Ecological Hypotheses and Guide Conservation Decisions (Robert Clark*)

9:00 - Inference About Population Processes by Combining Counts and Demographic Data Using Integrated Population Models (Michael Schaub*)

10:00 - 12:00

Capital Ballroom

J.1: Integrated Population Models to Inform Waterfowl Ecology and Conservation (Organizers: Todd Arnold, David Koons)

10:00 - Integrated Population Modelling Reveals a Perceived Source to be a Cryptic Sink (Mitch D. Weegman*, Stuart Bearhop, Anthony David Fox, Geoff M. Hilton, Alyn J. Walsh, David J. Hodgson)

10:20 - Drivers of Lesser Scaup Population Dynamics at a Continental Scale (David N. Koons*, Michael Schaub, Todd W. Arnold, Mitchell D. Weegman, Beth E. Ross, Jeffrey M. Warren, Christopher A. Nicolai, Robert G. Clark)

10:40 - An Integrated Population Model for Northern Pintail to Guide Harvest and Habitat Management (Erik E. Osnas*, G. Scott Boomer, Michael C. Runge, Robert G. Clark, James H. Devries)

11:00 - An Integrated Population Model for American Black Ducks (Todd W. Arnold*, David N. Koons, Michael Schaub)

11:20 - Integrated Population Models for Black Brant: Derived Parameters And Sampling Variance (Thomas V. Riecke*^, James S. Sedinger)

11:40 - Integrated Population Models to Inform Waterfowl Ecology and Conservation: Pitfalls and Promises (Todd W. Arnold*, Robert G. Clark, David N. Koons*, Erik E. Osnas, Thomas V. Riecke, Michael Schaub, Mitchell D. Weegman)

12:00 - 13:20

Lunch Break - Capital Ballroom

13:20 - 15:20

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 1

K.1: Looking Ahead Toward Future Management of Shallow Lakes (Organizers: Nicole Hansel-Welch, Mark Hanson)

13:20 - A Watershed Approach for Conservation of Prairie-Pothole Wetlands (Michael J. Anteau*, Mark T. Wiltermuth, Lisa A. McCauley, Max Post van der Burg)

13:40 - Predicting Total Phosphorus and Assessing State Transition Risk in Shallow Lakes (Kelsey Vitense*^, Nicole Hansel-Welch, Mark A. Hanson, Brian R. Herwig, Kyle D. Zimmer, John Fieberg)

14:00 - Landscape-scale Evaluation of the "Alternative Stable State" Hypothesis within Large Northern Prairie Wetlands in Context of Waterbird Conservation (Mark T. Wiltermuth*, Michael J. Anteau)

14:20 - Rehabilitating Turbid Shallow Lakes: Harder than We Think? (Mark A. Hanson*, Brian R. Herwig, Kyle D. Zimmer, Nicole Hansel-Welch, Kelsey Vitense, John Fieberg)

14:40 - Is Island Biogeography a Good Model for Managing Biodiversity in Shallow Lakes? (Kyle D. Zimmer*, Luke E. Nolby, Mark A. Hanson, Brian R. Herwig, William O. Hobbs, Joy M. Ramstack Hobbs, Kevin M. Theissen)

15:00 - Management or Restoration - What Are We Doing With Shallow Lakes in Minnesota? (Nicole Hansel-Welch, Tammy Baden, Todd Call, Jenny DuBay, Ann Geisen, Steve Kittelson, Melissa Thompson)

13:20 - 15:20

Capital D

Concurrent Special Session Part 1

K.2: Mexico’s Rich Waterfowl History, Contemporary Wetland Challenges, and Maintaining Anatid Biodiversity (Organizers: Eduardo Carrera-González*, Alberto Lafón-Terrazas, Leigh H. Fredrickson)

13:20 - Introductory Remarks: International Cooperation Across North America a Key to Continental Waterbird Conservation (Eduardo Carrera-González*, Alberto Lafón-Terrazas, Leigh H Fredrickson)

13:40 - A Historical Perspective on the Conservation of Waterfowl in Mexico (Jorge Enrique Mendoza Valverde*)

14:00 - The Current State of Policy and Legislation Related to Environmental Resources in Mexico (Alberto Lafón-Terrazas*)

14:20 - Distribution and Status of Mexico´s Wetland Resources (Eduardo Carrera-Gonzále*)

14:40 - Initial Efforts for Waterfowl Monitoring in Mexico (Alberto Lafón-Terrazas*, Mauro Iván Reyna-Medrano)

15:00 - Distribution and Composition of the Mexican Waterfowl Harvest (Eduardo Carrera-González*, Alberto Lafón-Terrazas, Leigh H. Fredrickson)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

K.3: Population Dynamics (Chair: Matt Dyson)

13:20 - Seasonal and Annual Survival Rates and Cause-specific Mortality of the Endangered Hawaiian Duck (Christopher P. Malachowski*^, Bruce D. Dugger)

13:40 - Within-season and Carry-over Effects of Reproductive Effort on Survival in Female Lesser Scaup (Jeffrey M. Warren*, David N. Koons)

14:00 - Associations of Western Boreal Forest Duck Populations to Indices of Spring Phenology (David J. Messmer*^, Robert G. Clark, Stuart Slattery, Mark Drever, Chris Derksen)

14:20 - Vital Rates of New Zealand Mallards (Jennifer L. Sheppard*^, Todd Arnold, Courtney L. Amundson, David Klee, Todd Dennis)

14:40 - Probability of Mate Change and Its Effects on Demographic Rates of Black Brant (Alan G. Leach*^, James. S. Sedinger, Thomas V. Riecke, David H. Ward, W. Sean Boyd)

15:00 - Response of Long-lived Waterfowl to Latitudinal Fitness Variation (Thomas V. Riecke*^, Alan G. Leach, Jim S. Sedinger, David H. Ward, and W. Sean Boyd)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

K.4: Harvest (Chair: Matt Chouinard)

13:20 - Analyzing the Relationship between Midcontinent Mallard Harvest and Survival Probabilities (G. Scott Boomer*, Guthrie S.Zimmerman, Nathan L. Zimpfer, James D. Nichols)

13:40 - Exploring Compensation in Duck Mortality: Do Harvest Regulations Really Matter? (Benjamin S. Sedinger*^, Christopher A. Nicolai, Kelley M. Stewart)

14:00 - Improving the Accuracy of Self-reported Waterfowl Harvest Estimates (Jerry J. Vaske*, Jay Beaman, Craig Miller)

14:20 - Harvest and Non-harvest Mortality Relationships for Lesser Scaup Breeding in Southwestern Montana (Cody E. Deane*^, Jay J. Rotella, Jeffrey M. Warren, David N. Koons, Robert R. Garrott)

14:40 - Trends in North American Diving Duck Hunting Community with Focus on Scaup (Gregory J. Soulliere*, Jane E. Austin, Benjamin M. Kahler)

15:00 - Open

15:20 - 15:40

Coffee break

15:40 - 17:40

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 2

L.1: Looking Ahead Toward Future Management of Shallow Lakes (Organizers: Nicole Hansel-Welch, Mark Hanson)

15:40 - Evolution of Backwater Lakes along the Illinois River with Waterfowl as a Sentinel of Change (Heath M. Hagy*, Aaron P. Yetter, Michelle M. Horath, Joshua Stafford)

16:00 - Ten Years of Shallow Lake Renovations; Applying What’s Been Learned to Future Management (Vincent D. Evelsizer*)

16:20 - Restoring a Large Freshwater Coastal Wetland on the Prairies; Delta Marsh, Manitoba (Dale A. Wrubleski*)

16:40 - Time-lapse Photography:  Documenting Wetland Restoration and Shallow Lake Management in Minnesota (Emily J. Hutchins*, John E. Maile)

17:00 - Seed-Bank and Invertebrate Potential of Moist-Soil Wetlands in the Southwest (Ryan S. Anthony*^, Ryan O’Shaugnessy, Ryan S. Luna, and Daniel P. Collin)

17:20 - Discussion (Nicole Hansel-Welch, Mark Hanson)

15:40 - 17:40

Capital D

Concurrent Special Session Part 2

L.2: Mexico’s Rich Waterfowl History, Contemporary Wetland Challenges, and Maintaining Anatid Biodiversity (Organizers: Eduardo Carrera-González, Alberto Lafón-Terrazas, Leigh H. Fredrickson)

15:40 - Distribution and Productivity of the Mexican Ducks and Related Species (Alberto Lafón-Terrazas*)

16:00 - A History of U.S. Flyway Biologists/Pilots’ Efforts in Mexico (Jim Wortham*, Phil Thorpe)

16:20 - Functional Aspect of Wetlands in Mexico’s Arid Northern Highlands (Leigh H. Fredrickson*)

16:40 - Bosque del Apache NWR and Mexico: A History of International Collaboration (John Vradenburg)

17:00 - A Stiff Comparison: Comparing Time-Activity Budgets of Stiff-Tailed Ducks in Puerto Rico (Nick Goodman*^, Jack C. Eitniear, James T. Anderson )

17:20 - Closings Remarks: The Mexico Challenge in North American Waterbird Conservation (Eduardo Carrera-González*, Alberto Lafón-Terrazas, Leigh H. Fredrickson)

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

L.3: Conservation Planning (Chair: Kevin Ringleman)

15:40 - Using Landscape Design to Develop a Waterfowl Conservation Plan (Anne M. Bartuszevige*, Alex Daniels, Kyle Taylor)

16:00 - Decision Support for Land Acquisition in the National Wildlife Refuge System (Kathleen Fleming, Keenan Adams, Sean Fields, and Ken Fowler)

16:20 - Building the Foundation for International Conservation Planning for Breeding Ducks Across the US and Canadian Border (Kevin E. Doherty*, Jeffrey S. Evans, Johann Walker, James H. Devries, David W. Howerter)

16:40 - Waterfowl Brigades: Preparing the Next Generation of Conservationists (Jared D. Laing*)

17:00 - Contract, Farm and Farmer Influencers on CRP Enrollment Decisions (John Devney*, Neeraj Dhingra, William Lesch, David Roberts, Cheryl Wachenheim)

17:20 - Estimating Carrying Capacity at Local Scales: A Case Study from Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (Kevin M. Ringelman*, Christopher K. Williams, Paul Castelli, Mason L. Sieges, Rebecca Kern, Ted Nichols, Steve Earsom)

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

L.4: Contaminants, Disease, and Genetics (Chair: Alan Leach)

15:40 - Prevalence and Potential Sources of Elevated Strontium in Waterfowl Eggs in Interior Alaska (Christopher J. Latty*^, Angela C. Matz, Keith A. Hobson, Tuula E. Hollmen)

16:00 - Trace Elements in Eiders and Long-tailed Ducks of the Alaskan Arctic (Micah W. C. Miller*^, James R. Lovvorn, Angela C. Matz, Robert J. Taylor, Christopher J. Latty, David E. Safine)

16:20 - Helminths and Health of Spring-Migrating Lesser Scaup in the Upper Midwest (J. Conner England*^, Jeffrey M. Levengood, Heath M. Hagy, Rebecca A. Cole, John M. Kinsella)

16:40 - Influenza A Virus Dynamics in High-Latitude Wintering Populations of Mallards (Timothy J. Spivey*^, Mark S. Lindberg, Brandt W. Meixell, Kyle R. Smith, Jonathan A. Runstadler, David E. Stallknecht, Andrew M. Ramey)

17:00 - Seasonal Prevalence of Influenza in a Reservoir Host: Waterfowl Life History and the Dynamics of Viral Flow (Brandt W. Meixell*^, Nichola J. Hill, Eric J. Ma, Mark S. Lindberg, Todd W. Arnold, and Jonathan A. Runstadler)

17:20 - Population Genomics and Hybridization between Lesser and Greater Scaup (Philip Lavretsky*, Jeffrey L. Peters, Kevin G. McCracken)

17:40 - 19:00

Dinner break - on your own

18:30 - 21:00


Special Session: University-based Waterfowl Programs: Past, Present & Foresights with Presentations, Panel Discussion & Interaction with Audience (Organizers: Rick Kaminski, Bart Ballard, Warren Conway, J. Brian Davis, John Eadie, Jake Straub)

Drinks and food available at 18:30 - Presentations will begin 19:00 - Caucus

19:00 - 22:00

Poster Session II - Annapolis Ballroom 

Poster Session II: All Abstracts

Hospitality hosted by California Waterfowl Association - Parks Place

Friday, 5 February 2016

NADS 7 Program: Friday Titles

NADS 7 Program: All Friday Abstracts

*Speaker; ^Student

06:30 - 08:00

Breakfast - Capital Ballroom

08:10 - 08:20

Capital Ballroom

Opening Remarks & Announcements - Chris Williams

Introduction to Morning Session - Dale Humburg

08:20 - 09:40

Capital Ballroom

M.1: Plenary

8:20 - From Coherence to Integration: Challenges of Multiple Scales, Decision Authorities, and Processes (Michael G. Anderson*)

9:00 - Values Translated into Objectives: Engaging Waterfowl Stakeholders (David C. Fulton*, Andrew Raedeke, Jason Spaeth, Michael Kilgore, Howie Harshaw, Gray Anderson, and Dale D. Humburg)

09:40 - 10:00

Coffee break

10:00 - 12:00

Capital Ballroom

N.1: Featured Session: Implementing the 2012 NAWMP Revision: Management Decisions to Integrate Multiple Objectives at Varying Scales (Organizer: Dale D. Humburg)

10:00 - 10:05 - Introduction to the Session (Dale Humburg*)

10:05 - 10:20 - Modeling and Managing Linkages across Objectives: Beyond the JTG (Michael C. Runge)

10:20 - 10:35 - Adaptive Harvest Management: Re-examining Harvest Objectives and Approaches (Mark P. Vrtiska*, Min Huang, W. Adam Phelps, Paul I. Padding, James R. Kelley, Jr., and James A. Dubovsky)

10:35 - 10:50 - Integrating Human Dimension Considerations into Joint Venture Habitat Delivery (Michael F. Carter*, Andy Bishop, and Beth Huning)

10:50 - 11:05 - Focusing Resources on Important Landscapes: A Spatial Framework for Integrating NAWMP Objectives (Michael G. Brasher*, Mark J. Petrie, David W. Howerter, and Dale D. Humburg)

11:05 - 11:20 - Integrated Annual Cycle Models of North American Ducks: Progress, Pitfalls and Prospects (John M. Eadie*, Robert G. Clark, Jane Austin, G. Scott Boomer, Pat Devers, Jim H. Devries, Brady J. Mattsson, Eric E. Osnas, and Michael C. Runge)

11:20 - 11:50 - Plenary Fred A. Johnson Multi-Level Learning in Waterfowl Conservation (Fred A. Johnson*, Dale D. Humburg, David J. Case)

11:50 - 12:00 - Closing Comments: A Challenge to the Technical Community

12:00 - 13:20

Lunch Break - Capital Ballroom

13:20 - 15:20

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 1

O.1: Waterfowl and Water 1: The Crisis is Now (Organizer: Mark Petrie)

13:20 - Introduction to the Session (Mark Petrie*)

13:40 - Evidence for Cross Seasonal Effects: Insights from Long-Term Data on Northern Pintail (Megan C. Zarzycki*^, Bruce D. Dugger)

14:00 - The California Drought: The Effects of the Current Drought on Waterfowl Habitat in the Central Valley (Gregory S. Yarris*, Joseph P. Fleskes, Mark J. Petrie, Mike A. Wolder, Craig R. Isola, Daniel A. Skalos)

14:20 - Implications of Limited Water Supplies for Waterfowl Habitats on the Texas Coast (Michael G. Brasher*, Kirby Brown)

14:40 - Water Issues for the Great Salt Lake: Implications to Wetlands and Waterfowl (Josh L. Vest*, Mark J. Petrie, Bruce D. Dugger, Jeffrey. M. Warran, Dave W. Smith)

15:00 - Future Implications of Groundwater Depletion on Waterfowl Foraging Capacity in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (J. Dale James*, Anne E. Mini, Mark J. Petrie)

13:20 - 15:20

Capital D

Concurrent Special Sessions Part 1

O.2: The Pride of the Salt Marsh: Status and Future Conservation of the American Black Duck (Organizer: Pat Devers)

13:20 - Early History of Concern for the American Black Duck and Formation of the Black Duck Joint Venture (Jerome R. Serie*, Brigitte Collins, Robert J. Blohm, Ken Ross)

13:40 - Development and Implementation of the Eastern Breeding Waterfowl and Habitat Survey (John Sauer,*, Daniel Bordage, Mark Koneff, Guthrie Zimmerman)

14:00 - Development and Implementation of an International Black Duck Harvest Strategy (Michael J. Conroy*, Eric T. Reed, Paul I. Padding, Mark D. Koneff, Patrick K. Devers)

14:20 - Integrating Habitat and Population Dynamics: Achieving NAWMP Goals Through the Use of an Annual Life Cycle Model (Orin Robinson*, Conor McGowan, Patrick K. Devers)

14:40 - Testing the Winter Limitation Hypothesis Using a Two-Season Banding Program (Patrick K. Devers,*, Guthrie S. Zimmerman, and G. Scott Boomer)

15:00 - American Black Duck Breeding Habitat: Knowledge and Conservation in a Changing World (Marcel Darveau*, Daniel Bordage3, Rod Brook, Patricia Edwards, David J. Lieske, Daniel G. McAuley, Nic McLellan, Shawn Meyer, J. Bruce Pollard)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

O.3: Winter Ecology (Chair: Rick Kaminski)

13:20 - Impacts of Wind Energy on Wintering Redheads (Daniel P. Collins*, Cory J. Lange, Bart M. Ballard)

13:40 - Linking Habitat Use and Survival to Identify Suitable Winter Habitats for Female Mallards in Mississippi (Joseph D. Lancaster*^, J. Brian Davis, Richard M. Kaminski, Edward J. Penny, Alan D. Afton)

14:00 - Bioenergetics, Behavior, and Sea Level Rise: Current Status and Future Implications for Wintering Dabbling Ducks in Delaware (Mark C. Lovolsi, Christopher K. Williams*, John M. Coluccy, Matthew T. DiBona)

14:20 - Habitat Selection of Midcontinent Greater White-fronted Geese During the Wintering Period (Ryan J. Askren*^, Douglas C. Osborne)

14:40 - Wintering Redhead Duck Effects on Northern Gulf of Mexico Seagrasses (Maddie Kennedy*^, Kenneth L. Heck Jr., John Valentine, Thomas Michot)

15:00 - Species-specific Timing of Breeding in Response to Winter Climate and Spring Pond Conditions (Amelia J. Raquel*^, Robert G. Clark, James H. Devries, David W. Howerter)

13:20 - 15:20


Concurrent General Session

O.4: Foraging Ecology (Chair: Heath Hagy)

13:20 - True Metabolizable Energy of Submersed Aquatic Vegetation for Dabbling Ducks (Sarah E. Vanderhorst*^, Heath M. Hagy, John W. Simpson, Chris N. Jacques)

13:40 - Worth the Reward? An Experimental Assessment of Risk-taking Behavior in Foraging Ducks (Adam C. Behney*, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Michael W. Eichholz, and Joshua D. Stafford)

14:00 - Dietary Patterns of Lesser Scaup Ducklings in a Heterogeneous Landscape (Adam J. DuBour*^, Kirsty E. Gurney, Mark S. Lindberg)

14:20 - Waste-Rice and Natural Seed Abundance in Rice Fields in the Gulf Coast Prairies of Louisiana and Texas (Joseph R. Marty*^, J. Brian Davis, Richard M. Kaminski, Michael G. Brasher, Guiming Wang)

14:40 - Anas spp. Body Condition and Ingested Foods During Spring Stopover (Jeff L. Drahota, Dustin Casady, Mery Casady, Ryan Walters)

15:00 - Food Habits and Availability for Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis) during Spring (Jay M. Vonbank*, Heath M. Hagy, Joshua M. Osborn, Jamison C. England, Aaron P. Yetter, Michelle M. Horath, Chris S. Hine,Douglas R. McClain)

15:20 - 15:40

Coffee Break

15:40 - 17:40

Capital ABC

Concurrent Special Session Part 2

P.1: Waterfowl and Water 2: The Crisis is Now (Organizer: Mark Petrie)

15:40 - Current and Future Water Shortages in Southern Oregon/Northeastern California (SONEC) (Bruce D. Dugger*, Josh L. Vest, Patrick Donnely, John Vradenburg , Joseph P. Fleskes, Mark J. Petrie)

16:00 - Overview of Water Quality Issues in the Upper Mississippi River, Great Lakes, and Chesapeake Bay and Long Term Implications for Diving Duck Distribution (K. Sarah Fleming*, John Coluccy, Jason Hill, Heath M. Hagy, Michael L. Schummer)

16:20 - Using an Agent-based Model (SWAMP) to Predict the Response of Waterfowl to Drought, Urban Expansion and Reduced Water for Agriculture and Managed Wetlands in California (John M. Eadie*, Matt L. Miller, Kevin M. Ringelman, Joseph P. Fleskes, Elliott Matchett, Robert H. Blenk, Jeffrey C. Schank)

16:40 - Water Will Go Where it is Legally Required to Go: Being Realistic about Future Wetland Water Supplies and Exploring a New Path of Collaborative Working Lands Conservation (W. David Smith*, Mark J. Petrie)

17:00 - Is California’s Wintering Waterfowl Habitat Drought Proof? (Cory Overton*^, Joseph P. Fleskes, Joshua T. Ackerman, Jeffrey D. Kohl, Mark P. Herzog, Elliott Matchett, Caroline M. Brady, Cliff Feldheim, Greg Yarris, Michael L. Casazza)

17:20 - From the Duck Marsh to the Water Faucet: Constructed Wetlands are Becoming a Critical Component of the Texas Municipal Water Supply (Matthew E. Symmank*)

15:40 - 17:40

Capital D


Concurrent Special Session Part 2

P.2: The Pride of the Salt Marsh: Status and Future Conservation of the American Black Duck (Organizer: Pat Devers)

15:40 - American Black Duck Bioenergetics Model: A Synthesis of Research and Results (John M. Coluccy*, Paul M. Castelli, Patrick K. Devers, Heath M. Hagy, Gregory J. Soulliere, Christopher K. Williams)

16:00 - Overwinter Survival and Wintering Ground Fidelity of American Black Ducks in Atlantic Canada (Liam E. Peck*, Randy Milton, J. Bruce Pollard, Garry Gregory, Gregory J. Robertson, Mark L. Mallory)

16:20 - Winter Diet and Body Condition of American Black Ducks in Atlantic Canada (Matthew D. English*^, Gregory J. Robertson, Mark L. Mallory)

16:40 - A Meta-analysis of American Black Duck Winter Habitat Use along the Atlantic Coast (Kevin M. Ringelman*, Christopher K. Williams, Patrick Devers, John M. Coluccy, Paul Castelli, Kurt A. Anderson, Jacob L. Bowman, Gary R. Constanzo, Dane M. Cramer, Matt DiBona, Michael Eichholz, Min Huang, Benjamin Lewis, Dawn Plattner, Tina Yerkes)

17:00 - Non-breeding Habitat Planning and Delivery for American Black Ducks (Malcom Jones*, John Coluccy, Kirsten Luke, Patrick K. Devers)

17:20 - Discussion (Patrick Devers)

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

P.3: Miscellany (Chair: Beth Ross )

15:40 - Drivers of Mottled Duck Pairs on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast (Beth E. Ross*, David Haukos, Patrick Walther)

16:00 - A Stochastic Model to Simulate Mottled Duck Population Dynamics (Jena A. Moon*, Stephen J. DeMaso, Michael G. Brasher, Warren C. Conway, David A. Haukos )

16:20 - Diurnal Use of Private, Public, and Incentivized Conservation Wetlands by Female Mallards in Mississippi (Joseph D. Lancaster*^, J. Brian Davis, Richard M. Kaminski, Kevin D. Nelms)

16:40 - Avian Productivity and Community Ecology of Restored PPR Grasslands (Ashlee K. Minor*^, Michael Eichholz)

17:00 - Testing Competing Hypotheses for the Seasonal Variation in Nesting Success (Kalen J. Pokley*^)

17:20 - Evaluation of Waterfowl Use and Thermal Characteristics of Alfalfa and Perennial Grasses in Eastern South Dakota (Neal Martorelli*, Joshua Stafford)

15:40 - 17:40


Concurrent General Session

P.4: Energetics (Chair: Brandt Meixell)

15:40 - From Equations to Reality: Building a Bioenergetic Model to Improve Waterfowl Conservation (Anne E. Mini*^, Blaine Elliott, Dale James, Keith McKnight, Luke Naylor, John Tirpak)

16:00 - Dynamics of Nutrient Reserves and Digestive Tract of Female Northern Pintails Wintering Along The Texas Coast (Matthew J. Garrick*^, Nathaniel R. Huck, Bart M. Ballard, Kevin J. Kraai)

16:20 - Using Plasma-lipid Metabolites to Predict Lipid Reserve Dynamics in Free-living Lesser Scaup (Douglas R. McClain*, Heath M. Hagy, Joshua M. Osborn, Aaron P. Yetter, Chris Hine, Michelle Horath, Jamison C. England, Jeffrey Levengood)

16:40 - Open

17:00 - The Energetic Value of Mid-Atlantic Forested Wetlands to Wintering American Black Ducks (Samantha Fino*, Christopher K. Williams, Mark Lovolsi, Kevin M. Ringelman, John M. Coluccy, Patrick K. Devers, Paul M. Castelli)

17:20 - Does Hunting Alter Waterfowl Body Condition and Stress Physiology? (Jerad R. Henson*, Christopher Sims, Stephan Schoech)

17:40 - 19:00

Break before banquet

19:00 - 22:00


Poster Session I


NADS 7: Poster Session I Titles

NADS 7: Poster Session Titles and Abstracts

*Speaker; ^Student

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

19:00 - 22:00 Annapolis Ballroom


Breeding Ecology



Species Diversity of Boreal Waterbirds is Related to Wetland Area, not Habitat Heterogeneity (Mark T. Bidwell*, Glenn G. Mack, Robert G. Clark)



Effects of Landscape-Scale Habitat Features on Mallard Nest Survival in New Zealand (Jillian M. Cosgrove*, Courtney L. Amundson, Jennifer L. Sheppard, David Klee)



Evidence for Optimal Brood Size in Box-nesting Wood Ducks (J. Brian Davis*, Todd W. Arnold, Richard M. Kaminski, Robert R. Cox, Jr., Joseph D. Lancaster, Bruce D. Leopold)



Artificial Nest Island Program for Dusky Canada Geese on the Copper River Delta, Alaska (Nicholas R. Docken*, Melissa L Gabrielson)



Changes in Predator Communities and Waterfowl Nest Predation Rates in Response to Landscape Development in the Western Boreal Forest (Matthew E. Dyson, Stuart M. Slattery, James H. Devries, Bradley C. Fedy)



Status of Breeding Black Ducks in North Carolina
(Joseph C. Fuller, Douglas L. Howell)



Linking Reproductive Trade-offs to Habitat Management Actions: Winter Wheat and Survival of Northern Pintail Ducklings (David W. Johns*, Robert G. Clark, James H. Devries)



Preliminary Assessment of Predator Reduction on Nesting Success in Over-water Nesting Ducks (Michael K. Johnson*, Todd W. Arnold, Frank Rohwer)



Nesting Ecology of Mottled Ducks in Coastal South Carolina (Molly R. Kneece*, J. Clay Shipes, J. Brian Davis, Ernie P. Wiggers, Richard M. Kaminski, Michael E. Colvin)



To Catch A Predator (Jeffrey D. Kohl*, Desmond Mackel, Cory T. Overton, Joseph P. Fleskes, Joshua T. Ackerman, Mark P. Herzog, Alex C. Hartman, Elliott Matchett, Caroline M. Brady, Cliff Feldheim, and Michael L. Casazza)



Assessing Breeding-Site Fidelity of Spectacled Eiders on Kigigak Island, YDNWR, Alaska  (Callie B. Moore, Kyle Spragens, Brian McCaffrey)


Nicolai, G.^

Wood Duck Offspring are Not the Same Size as their Mothers but Those Offspring Which Breed are Large (Grace V. Nicola*,Chris A. Nicolai)



Effects of Energy Development on Waterfowl Nesting Ecology in the Bakken Formation of North Dakota (Cassandra G. Skags*, Tait Ronningen, Kevin M. Ringelman, Kaylan Carrlson, Tanner Gue, Chuck Loesch, Frank Rohwer, Michael L. Szymanski)



Diurnal Habitat Use and Molt Location of Hen Mallards in Sacramento Valley, California (Daniel A. Skalos*, Melanie Weaver, John M. Eadie, Robert Blenk, Brian R. Olson)



Duckling Survival at the Edge of Scaup Range in Montana (Andrew P. Stetter*, Jeffrey M. Warren, David A. Hauko)



Variation in Egg Coloration in Wood Ducks (Catrina Terry, John M. Eadie)



A Methodology to Predict Canada Goose Breeding Pair Densities (Brenna N. Towery*, Robert W. Klaver, Guy G. Zenner)



Previous Success and Current Body Condition Determine Breeding Propensity in Lesser Scaup: Evidence for the Individual Heterogeneity Hypothesis (Jeffrey M. Warren*, Kyle A. Cutting, John Y. Takekawa, Susan E. De La Cruz, Tony D. Williams, David N. Koons)


Climate Change


Ballard, B.

Predicting Sea-level Rise and its Effects on Wintering Redheads (Corey J. Lange, Bart M. Ballard*, Kris L. Metzger, Daniel P. Collins)



Use of Remote Cameras to Index Atlantic Population Canada Goose Migration (Jeffrey Benjamin, Michael L. Schummer*, Tyler Pelle James Eckler)



Scenario Impacts Modeling Of Waterfowl Habitat In California’s Central Valley (Elliott L. Matchett*, Joseph P. Fleskes, David R. Purkey, Charles A. Young)



Integrating Sea-Level Rise and Anthropogenic Change into Mottled Duck Conservation (Jena A. Moon*, Sarah Lehnen, Kris Metzger, Stephen Sesnie, David A. Haukos, Warren C. Conway)



Co-occurrence of Shifting Winter Distributions of Midcontinent White-Fronted Geese and Rice Acreage (Douglas C. Osborne*, Ryan J. Askren, Chris Watt)





Wetland Quantity and Quality for Waterbirds in Illinois (Abigail G. Blake-Bradshaw*, Heath M. Hagy, Jeffrey Matthews)



Monitoring a Bird Response To Restoration Efforts at Delta Marsh (Pauline M. Bloom*)



Waterfowl and Stock Pond Forage Resource Relationships in West Texas (Lisa A. Clark*, Samantha S. Kahl, Blake A. Grisham, Dan Collins)



Environmental Impacts of Wetland Loss in a Prairie Watershed: Implications for Waterfowl (Pascal H. Badiou*, Bryan Page, Lyle Boychuk, Shane Gabor, Wanhong Yang)



Modeling Inundation of Missouri’s National Wetland Inventory Wetlands in Autumn (Brian S. Hidden*, Elisabeth B. Webb, Andy H. Raedeke)



Energetic Carrying Capacity in the Upper Illinois River for Waterfowl (Jay A. VonBank*, Heath M. Hagy, Andrew F. Casper, Aaron P. Yetter)



Balancing Social and Ecological Objectives in the Platte River Watershed (Jonas Davis, Kaylan Carrlson, Brice Krohn, Matt Reddy, Kirk Schroeder, Greg Stoebner, Bill Taddicken, Mark P. Vrtiska*, Patrick K. Devers)



Spring Food Resource Availability In Public, Cropped, and Wetlands Reserve Program Playas (Travis J. Schepker*, Elisabeth Webb, Ted LaGrange)


Cofield^ & Clements^

Aquatic Invertebrate Biomass and Composition in Managed South Carolina Coastal Wetlands (Nicholas Masto, Carley Cofield*^, Stephen Clements*^, Chase Cross, Jacob Lazarus, Matthew Marbert, Aurthur Amick, Adam Brown, Ford Courtney, Charles Gallman, Sylvan Jennings, Madeline Thatcher, Joel Turner, Mary Wilkinson, Taylor Byars, Christopher Dukes, Aaron Dunn, Jacob Smith, Jeremy Pike, Greg Yarro, Rick Kaminski)


Hobson^ & Drummond^

Monitoring the Effects of Hurricane Sandy Salt Marsh Restoration on Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge for American Black Duck Carrying Capacity (Sara Hobson^*, Elisabeth Drummond^*, Christopher Williams)




de Sobrino

Distribution and Derivation of California Dabbling Duck Harvests (Cristina de Sobrino*, Todd W. Arnold, Cliff Feldheim)



Waterbird Use of Catfish Ponds and Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative Wetlands in Mississippi (James S. Feagai*, Francisco J. Vilella, Richard M. Kaminski, J. Brian Davis) 



Effects of Oil and Gas Development on Duck Production in the Prairie Pothole Region of North Dakota and Montana (C. Tanner Gue*, Kaylan M. Carrlson, Johann Walker, Charles R. Loesch, Michael L. Szymanski)



Validation and Refinement of a Decision Support Tool for Mottled Duck Habitat Conservation in the Western Gulf Coast (Anastasia Krainyk*, Bart M. Ballard, Michael G. Brasher, Barry C. Wilson, Jena A. Moon)



Characteristics of Box and Natural Cavities for Nesting Waterfowl in Northern Vermont (Boomer L. Malanchuk, Jacob N. Straub)



Turning Disaster into Relief for the Greatest Habitat Crisis on the Continent (Alonda L. McCarty*, Michael R. Carloss)



Are Boreal Waterfowl Resilient to Disturbance by Forestry and Agriculture? (Julienne L. Morissette*, Glenn G. Mack, Stuart M. Slattery)



Reducing Risk of Incidental Take in Canada’s Boreal Forest (Kylie McLeod, Julienne Morissette*, Bev Gingras, Chris Smith)



The Effect of Delayed Drawdown on Moist-Soil Seed Production (Daniel J. Smith, Brian W. Olson, John M. Eadie)



Waterfowl Identification Skills By Duck Hunters On The Upper Texas Coast (Michael D. Whitson*, Thomas V. Riecke, Warren C. Conway, David A. Haukos, Jena A. Moon, Patrick Walther)



Seed Bank Potential of Moist-soil Managed Fallow Rice Fields on the Upper Texas Coast (Michael D. Whitson*, Warren C. Conway, David A. Haukos, Daniel P. Collins)





Using Isotopic Signatures of Arctic and Sub-arctic Nesting Colonies to Determine Breeding Origin of Harvested Lesser Snow Geese (Drew N. Fowler*, Elisabeth B. Webb, Keith A. Hobson, Mark P. Vrtiska)



Detection Probability and Disturbance of Waterfowl During Aerial Surveys (Andrew D. Gilbert*, Heath M. Hagy, Christopher N. Jacques, Aaron P. Yetter)



Enhancing Prey Availability Damaged by Oil Spill for Migratory Waterfowl in San Francisco Bay (Mason Hill, Kyle A Spragens, John Y. Takekawa, Susan E.W. De La Cruz)



An Improved Technique for Attaching Backpack Transmitters on Diving Duck (Charlotte B. L. Kilchenstein*, Kevin M. McBride, Alicia M. Wells-Berlin, Jonathan L. Fiely)



Bird Banding Laboratory Information and Bandit Data Entry Assistance (Jo Anna Lutmerding*)



Extrusion of Coelomically Implanted Radio Transmitters from Hawaiian Ducks (Christopher P. Malachowski*, Bruce D. Dugger, Darryl J. Heard)



Refining a Monitoring Design for the San Francisco Estuary Midwinter Waterfowl Survey: Challenges and Opportunities (Orien M. W. Richmond*, Guthrie S. Zimmerman, Cheryl M. Strong)



Successful Breeding and Egg Formation of Satellite Marked Common Eiders (Lucas Savoy*, Chris Dwyer, Glenn H. Olsen, Samantha E.J. Gibbs,  Randall M. Mickley)



Using Go-Pro Video Cameras to Estimate Differential Susceptibility Among Species-Sex Cohorts of Ducks to Capture in Montezuma Confusion Traps (Michael L. Schummer*, Alison Bickert, Brianna Robinson, Zoe Schapira, Michael Valentino, Jonathan Cohen, Frank Morlock, James Eckler)


Sedinger, B.^

Scaling Nevada’s Historical BPOP Data to Adjust for Changes in Survey Design (Benjamin S. Sedinger*, Christopher A. Nicolai, Russell Woolstenhulme)



Effects of Handling, Holding, and Surgical Times on Survival and Reproductive Performance of Female Mallards (Jennifer L. Sheppard*, Todd Arnold, Courtney L. Amundson, Todd Dennis, David Klee)



Potential Effects of Subcutaneous Transmitters on a Pursuit-diving Duck (Natalie J.Thimot*, Shawn R. Craik, Rodger D. Titman)

Poster Session II

NADS 7 Program: Poster Session II Titles

NADS 7 Program: Poster Session II Titles and Abstracts

*Speaker; ^Student

Thursday, 4 February 2016

19:00 - 22:00 Annapolis Ballroom


Conservation Planning



The Prairie Pothole Joint Venture Implementation Plan: A Road Map for Integrated Bird Conservation in the Northern Prairies of the United States (Sean Fields*, Casey Stemler, Neal Niemuth)


Kaminski, M.

Making a Wetlands Splash for Waterfowl during Texas Drought (Matthew R. Kaminski*, M. Todd Merendino)



Conserving Canada’s Boreal Duck Populations Using Systematic Conservation Planning (Lindsay McBlane, Julienne L. Morissette, Stuart M. Slattery*, Kevin Smith) 


Foraging Ecology



Assessment of Important Food Plants for Dabbling Ducks During the Nonbreeding Season at Modoc National Wildlife Refuge, California (Cameron T. King, Holly L. Ferrara, Dominic C. Bachman*)



Digestive Organ Morphology as an Indicator of Dietary Ecology in the Hawaiian Duck (Robert H. Blenk, Bruce Dugger)



Building a Predictive Model of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation for Atlantic Brant using Remote Sensing and In-situ Sampling (Chase Colmorgen*, Christopher K. Williams)



Migration Patterns, Habitat Use, Food Habits, and Harvest Characteristics of Long-tailed Ducks Wintering on Lake Michigan (Luke Fara*, Kevin Kenow, Michael Eichholz, Steven Houdek)



Dietary Analysis of Plastics in Digestive Tracts of Freshwater Birds (Erika R. Holland*, Mark L. Mallory, Dave Shutler)



Diet of Female Northern Pintails Wintering along the Texas Coast (Nathaniel R. Huck*, Matthew J. Garrick, Bart M. Ballard, Kevin Kraai, Matt R. Kaminski)



The Foraging Habits and Resultant Functional Response of American Black Ducks (Jessica L. O’Connor*, Alicia M. Wells-Berlin, Patrick C. Kangas, Jennifer Murrow)



An Assessment of Landscape Carrying Capacity for Waterfowl in Nebraska’s Rainwater Basin (Ele Nugent, Andy Bishop, Roger Grosse, Ted LaGrange, Dana Varner*, Mark Vrtiska )





Multi-Scaled Analyses of Lesser and Greater Scaup Harvest in North America (Gregory J. Soulliere, Jane E. Austin*, Benjamin M. Kahler)



Harvest Distribution of Mallards Marked on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska (Elizabeth S. Bonczek*, Callie B. Moore, Kyle A. Spragens)



Direct Recovery Rates of Egg Salvaged and Wild Mallards in California, 1986-2014 (Caroline M. Brady*, Mark P. Herzog)


Miller, C.

Using Waterfowl Harvest Data to Investigate Efficacy of Non-toxic Shot Regulations (Craig A. Miller*, Brent D. Williams)


Olsen, D.

Banding Cinnamon Teal throughout the Intermountain West to Improve Information for Management (Dave Olson*)



The Effect of Harvest Regulations on Hunter Effort, Harvest Rates, and Annual Survival of Mallards and Grey Ducks in New Zealand (Matthew B. McDougall, Courtney L. Amundson*)





Population Change Varies by Trophic Level and Migration Strategy for Arctic-breeding Waterfowl (Courtney. L. Amundson, Paul L. Flint, Robert Stehn, Robert Platte, Heather Wilson, Julian Fischer)



Waterfowl Migration Chronology and Food Production at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (Sean R. Knox*, Dorothy M. Fecske, Frank K. Ammer)



Exploring Fall Migration Patterns of Northern Pintail Using Band-Recovery Data (Philip Lavretsky*)


Pearse, A.

Distribution of Spring Migrating Waterfowl along the North and South Platte Rivers in Western Nebraska (Aaron Pearse*, Dana Varner, Rob Spangler, John Denton, Jonas Davis, Kirk Schroeder, Mark P. Vrtiska, Emily Munter, Heather Johnson)



A Test of the Migration-Modulation Hypothesis in a Non-Passerine Neotropical Migrant, the Blue-Winged Tea,l Anas discors (C. Morgan Wilson, Christopher G. Sims*, Stephan J. Schoech, Sarah K. Peltier, Zac L. Robinson)



Factors Influencing Body Mass of Spring-migrating Female Northern Pintails (Mark P. Vrtiska*, Matt Haugen, Rich Walters)



Migration, Phenology, and Philopatry of Long-tailed Ducks Wintering on the Atlantic Coast (Alicia M. Wells-Berlin*, Matthew C. Perry, Jonathan Fiely)






Infection Dynamics of Helminths in Arctic and Sub-arctic Breeding Geese (Courtney L. Amundson*, Autumn Smith-Herron, Nicole Traub, Paul. L. Flint)



Mallard Duckling Survival and Brood Habitat Selection in Southland, New Zealand (Erin J. Garrick, Courtney L. Amundson*, Philip Seddon)


Ballard, D.^

Survey of Gizzard Helminths in Female Northern Pintails (Derek C. Ballard*, Matthew J. Garrick, Bart M. Ballard, Alan M. Fedynich)



Micro-site Climatic Conditions Associated with Urban Thermal Refugia used by Canada Geese During Winter (Brett E. Dorak*, Heath M. Hagy, Mike P. Ward)



Spatial and Temporal Differences in Anatid Body Condition and Forage Preference During Sspring Migration in the Rainwater Basin, Nebraska (Jeff L. Drahota*, Dustin Casady, Mery Casady, Ryan Walters)



Farmed European Mallards are Genetically Different and Cause Introgression in the Wild Population Following Releases (Johan Elmberg*, Pär Söderquist, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Carl-Gustaf Thulin, Jocelyn Champagnon, Matthieu Guillemain, Jakub Kreisinger, Herbert H. T. Prins, Richard P. M. A. Crooijmans , Robert H. S. Kraus)



Biases in Duck Body Mass Measurements at Banding (Matthieu Guillemain*, François Cavallo, Grégoire Massez, Thierry George, Jean-Pierre Baudet, Pierre Gonzalez, Valérie Ducasse, Emmanuel Caillot, Benoît Lecaplain, Luc Tison, Natacha Piffeteau, Jean-Pierre Artel, Jocelyn Champagnon)



Is Swabbing for Avian Influenza a Safe Technique for Ducks? (Matthieu Guillemain*, Jocelyn Champagnon, Marie-Lucile Gourlay-Larour, François Cavallo1 Anne-Laure Brochet, Jean Hars, Grégoire Massez, Thierry George, Pierre-Yves Perroi, Véronique Jestin, Alain Caizergues)



Exploring the Development of Personality in Captive-reared and Released Waterfowl (Mitchell G. Hinton, John Eadie, Andrea K. Townsend)



Lead Ingestion by Female Northern Pintails Along the Texas Coast (Nathaniel R. Huck*, Bart M. Ballard, Alan M. Fedynich, Kevin Kraai, Mauro E. Castro)



Diseases as Potential Limiting Factors in Common Eider Nesting in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska (Christopher J. Latty*, Tuula Hollmen, Claire Montgomerie, Katrina Counihan)



Index of Spent Shot in Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast Prairie Ricelands (Joseph R. Marty*, J. Brian Davis, Richard M. Kaminski, Michael G. Brasher, Erin Brinkman)



Captive Raised Duckling Growth Models for Sea Ducks and Dabbling Ducks (Kathleen A. McGrew*, Sarah Fitzgerald, Alicia M. Wells-Berlin)



Estimating Behavioral Multipliers to Resting Metabolic Rate in American Black Duck and Lesser Scaup (Jacob McPherson*, Christopher Williams, Alicia Berlin, John Coluccy)


Olsen, G.

Hematology and Chemistry of Wild Scoters and Long-tailed Ducks (Glenn H. Olsen*, Alicia M. Wells-Berlin, Sara E. Crowell, Kathleen A. McGrew)



Validated Indices to Predict Body Condition of Pacific Greater White-fronted Geese (Daniel A. Skalos*, John M. Eadie, Daniel Yparraguirre, Melanie L. Weaver, Shaun L. Oldenburger, Craig R. Ely, Joseph P. Fleskes)



Avian Influenza and Foraging Waterfowl in Spring; an Ecologically-based Study Design (Kyle A Spragens*, Mason Hill, Erica Spackman)


Population Dynamics



Potential Nasal-marker Effects On Lesser Scaup Vital Rates (Cody E. Deane, Jay J. Rotella, Jeffrey M. Warren, David N. Koons, Robert R. Garrot)


Nicolai, C.

Using Pre-season Duck Banding Data to Estimate Population Size and Variation in Body Condition Across Different Wetland Management Regimes in Terminal Wetlands in Nevada (Chris A. Nicoli*, Russell J. Woolstenhulme)



Patterns of Duck Community Composition in the Prairie Pothole Region and Southern Boreal Forest (Amelia J. Raquel*, Robert G. Clark)


Ross, M.

Ecological Factors Affecting Midcontinent Light Goose Recruitment (Megan V. Ross*, Ray T. Alisauskas, Dana K. Kellett)


Winter Ecology



Winter Ecology of Temperate-Breeding and Interior Canada Geese in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area (Kendra E. Slown*, Michael W. Eichholz, Brett E. Dorak, Heath M. Hagey)



A New Hypothesis for Explaining Differences in Winter Distributions of Male and Female Ducks in North America (Elyse Iemola, Michael L. Schummer, Michael Valentino)



Monitoring the Effects of Hurricane Sandy Salt Marsh Restoration on Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge for American Black Duck Carrying Capacity (Brenna Towery^*, Christopher Williams)

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