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Special topic sessions will be an integral component of the symposium. The sessions will be conducted concurrently with other afternoon sessions of contributed oral presentations. We think you will agree that the following special sessions will add significantly to the diversity of timely information communicated at the symposium. The titles and organizers of the sessions are listed below. Most of the presenters in special sessions 1-10 have already been confirmed; however, you may contact an organizer of the session (*) and inquire if space exists for your presentation.


  1. Superabundance of Snow and Ross’s geese and what to do about it
    Ray Alisauskas* – Science & Technology Branch, Environment Canada
    Jim Leafloor – Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
    Mike Johnson – North Dakota Game and Fish Department

  2. Waterfowl Populations of Conservation Concern:  Reevaluating Status and Trends, Hypotheses, and Conservation Strategies
    Jane Austin*, USGS-Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
    Stuart Slattery, Ducks Unlimited Canada

  3. Wetland Issues Affecting Waterfowl Conservation in North America
    Sammy King*, USGS, Louisiana Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
    Scott Yaich, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
    Heath Hagy, Illinois Natural History Survey
    Charlie Rewa, USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service

  4. Opportunities and Challenges Facing Waterfowl Habitat Conservation on Private Lands: Session1 Session2
    William Hohman*, USDA, USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Eric Lindstrom, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

  5. Integrating Social and Economic Research into Waterfowl Management Programs and Decision-making
    Kevin M. Hunt*, Mississippi State University
    Andrew H. Raedeke, Missouri Department of Conservation
    David C. Fulton, USGS, Minnesota Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

  6. It’s signed, now what? Implementing the 2012 North American Waterfowl Management Plan
    Jim Ringelman*, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

  7. Satellite Telemetry and Waterfowl Ecology--What Have We Learned and Where Do We Go From Here?
    Sean Boyd*, Environment Canada
    Chris Dwyer, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

  8. The ‘YEAR’ Effect: Incorporating Climatic Variability into Models for Waterfowl Management
    Mike Schummer*, Long Point Waterfowl, Ontario, Canada

  9. Estimating Habitat Carrying Capacity for Waterfowl: Considerations, Pitfalls, and Improvements*
    Chris Williams*, University of Delaware
    Bruce Dugger, Oregon State University
    Following this special session will be corresponding special evening poster session

  10. Student Panel Discussion and Mentor/Mentee Special Session
    We invite students to participate in a student-led special session at the 6th North American Duck Symposium, Ecology and Conservation of North American Waterfowl. The session will have two sections: 1) a panel discussion featuring young professionals, and 2) a mentor/mentee program. Panel members will be selected from around the world, providing unique and inclusive networking opportunities for students and professionals. Topics, such as communicating the value of waterfowl and their habitats with stakeholders, securing public and political support for conservation funding, and development of multidisciplinary, cutting-edge skills, will be addressed. Students and professionals interested in participating in this special session are encouraged to propose other topics for possible discussion and email them to Elizabeth St. James ( Following the panel discussion, students are invited to participate in a mentor/mentee program designed to pair students with mentors who have similar professional interests.We would like to invite NADS registrants to sign-up for the mentor/mentee special session.  The session will take place at 7:30 pm on Monday, 28 January. 

    Sign-up for the mentor/mentee is available through the link below. We asked that those interested in participating the session sign-up by Friday, 18 January (note: you do not need to sign up if you are only interested in participating in the panel discussion).

    Mentor and Mentee Registration

    There are two tabs in the sign-up document, one for professionals (mentors) and one for students (mentees); please complete your information in the appropriate document.

    Questions or comments? Please email Elizabeth St. James at

Session Committee


Justyn R. Foth
Ph.D. student
Mississippi State University
David J. Messmer
Ph.D. student
University of Saskatchewan at Saskatoon
Elizabeth A. St. James
Ph.D. student
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jessi L. Tapp
M.S. student
University of Missouri
Mitch D. Weegman
Ph.D. student
University of Exeter
Matt M. Weegman
M.S. student
Mississippi State University

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