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The authors of A Guide to Moist-soil Wetland Plants of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley will have a limited number of copies of their book for sale at the 6th North American Duck Symposium—Ecology and Conservation of North American Waterfowl. Please see the link below for additional information about the book and avoid shipping costs by purchasing your copy at the symposium this January. All royalties from sales of this book go to support research conducted through the James C. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation at Mississippi State University.


“This book is very well written and much needed to fill a void that has existed for decades. The overall format is well thought out and will be very useful to readers, researchers, consultants, land managers, students, etc. The descriptions are concise and written in such a manner that a novice or a well-trained expert can use the text to identify plants. The photos are works of art.”
Dr. Charles T. Bryson, author of Weeds of the South and Weeds of the Midwestern United States and Central Canada

“Classically trained by experts in moist-soil management, Mike Schummer and his co-authors have made their own mark as authorities on wetland plant identification with the publication of A Guide to Moist-Soil Wetland Plants of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. This current and well-written guide to over 200 taxa of moist-soil wetland plants provides a particularly useful history and overview of moist-soil management. This guide will be the go-to resource whether in the field or office for the layman or the professional.”
Dr. Philip J. Barbour, Certified Wildlife Biologist with over 36 years experience in the wetlands of the southeastern United States.

“This is the most complete compilation of plants that occur in moist-soil wetlands that has ever been assembled. The authors have done a great job of providing not only a good description, but also great pictures showing each plant in different growth stages and important distinguishing characteristics. The pictures make plant identification easy. This book should be welcomed by biologists, wetland managers, and landowners alike.”
Kevin D. Nelms, Certified Wildlife Biologist and wetland management expert with over 14 years experience working in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley

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