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Poster Session 2: 12:00 pm Wed., 19 August - 5:00 pm Thurs., 20 August 2009
Formal Viewing Period - 5:00 - 8:00 pm on Wed., 19 August 2009

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Wood Duck Nest Box Programs: Viable Management or Perpetuating Myths?

Gregory J. Soulliere, Bradly A. Potter, and John C. Denton




Distribution and Derivation of the Blue-winged Teal Harvest

Michael L. Szymanski and James A. Dubovsky




Evaluation of Species-specific Duck Hunting Regulations in Central Flyway States

James H. Gammonley, Mark P. Vrtiska, Michael O’Meilia, Jim Hansen, Michael A. Johnson, Faye McNew, Tim Mitchusson, David Morrison, Larry Roberts, and Spencer Vaa




Effect of Weekly Hunting Frequency on Waterfowl Harvest, Abundance, and Hunting Quality in Mississippi

Elizabeth A. St. James, Michael L. Schummer, Richard M. Kaminski, Edward J. Penny, Kevin D. Brunke, and James H. Havens



Using Public Policy to Advance Waterfowl Conservation

Cynthia Edwards and T. Shane Gabor




The Impact of Wetland Loss

T. Shane Gabor, Wanhong Yang, Xixi Wang, Pascal Badiou, and Cynthia Edwards




Policy Obstacles to Waterfowl Conservation: A Case Study Involving North Dakota Law and Land Purchase by a Non-profit Organization

Jennifer P. Kross




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