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Habitat Management

Poster Session 2: 12:00 pm Wed., 19 August - 5:00 pm Thurs., 20 August 2009
Formal Viewing Period - 5:00 - 8:00 pm on Wed., 19 August 2009

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Quantifying Coastal Marsh Habitat Objectives for Wintering Waterfowl in the Gulf Coast Joint Venture Region

Michael G. Brasher, Barry C. Wilson, and Mark W. Parr




Midwinter Occurrence of Inundated Playa Wetlands in the Texas High Plains

William P. Johnson, Mindy B. Rice, David A. Haukos, and Philip P. Thorpe




Historical and Contemporary Wetland Characteristics and Factors Associated with Mallard Use in the Illinois River Valley

Joshua D. Stafford, Randolph V. Smith, Aaron P. Yetter, Michelle M. Horath, and Chris S. Hine




Moist-soil Plant Seed Abundance for Waterfowl on Lands Managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Joshua D. Stafford, Aaron P. Yetter, Randolph V. Smith, Chris S. Hine, and Michelle M. Horath



Selective Herbicides for Managing Moist-soil Wetlands in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley

Joshua C. Cheshier, John D. Madsen, and Richard M. Kaminski




An Assessment of Wintering Waterfowl Use of Restored Wetlands Using Weather Radar

Jeffrey Buler, Wylie Barrow, Lori Randall, and Joe Fleskes




Assessing Waterfowl Body Condition to Evaluate the Impact of the Central Valley Joint Venture

Douglas R. Thomas, Joseph P. Fleskes, Michael R. Miller, Mickey E. Heitmeyer, Julie L. Yee, and John M. Eadie




Wintering Dabbling Ducks Have Become Heavier: An Effect of Global Warming or Intensified Game Management Practices?

Matthieu Guillemain, Johan Elmberg, Michel Gauthier-Clerc, Grégoire Massez, Richard Hearn, Géraldine Simon, and Jocelyn Champagnon




Hatching Chronology of Nesting Ducks in the Dakotas: Implications of Perennial Cover Management Practices and Emergency Haying

David A. Brandt, Gary L. Krapu, and Aaron T. Pearse


Evaluation of Vegetation Control Techniques in Large Managed Wetlands in Maritime Canada

Mark Gloutney and Colin MacKinnon




Evaluation of Waterfowl and Shorebird Response to Salt Marsh Restoration

Mark Gloutney, Deanne Meadus, Diana Hamilton, and Andrea Maxie


Effects of Wind Energy Development on Survival and Nesting of Mallards

C. Tanner Gue, Katherine R. Mehl, Johann Walker, and Scott E. Stephens


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