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Poster Session 2: 12:00 pm Wed., 19 August - 5:00 pm Thurs., 20 August 2009
Formal Viewing Period - 5:00 - 8:00 pm on Wed., 19 August 2009

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Trophic Structure of Prairie Pothole Food Webs: New Insights from Stable Isotopes

Jennifer I. McCarter and Thomas D. Nudds


Dispersal of Aquatic Plant Seeds by Teal: Influence of Retention Time on Seed Survival, Germinability and Viability

Anne-Laure Brochet, Andy J. Green, Hervé Fritz,  Michel Gauthier-Clerc, and Matthieu Guillemain




Explaining the Increase in the Prevalence of the Cloacal Cestode Parasite Cloacotaenia megalops in Teal Wintering in the Camargue: What Does it Tell Us about Global Change?

Andy J. Green, Boyko B. GeorgievAnne-Laure Brochet, Michel Gauthier-Clerc, Hervé Fritz, and Matthieu Guillemain




Quantifying Mute Swan Aggression and Impacts to Native Waterfowl in Illinois

Adam C. Phillips, Mike Eichholz, and Joshua D. Stafford




Crayfish-Harvest Potential in Natural Wetlands Managed for Waterfowl in Mississippi

Amy B. Spencer, Louis R. D'Abramo, Heath M. Hagy, and Richard M. Kaminski





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