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Behavioural Ecology

Poster Session 2: 12:00 pm Wed., 19 August - 5:00 pm Thurs., 20 August 2009
Formal Viewing Period - 5:00 - 8:00 pm on Wed., 19 August 2009

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Exploring Behavioral Processes: How Waterfowl Habitat Selection and Predator Foraging Behavior Influence Patterns of Nest Predation

Kevin M. Ringelman, John M. Eadie, Joshua T. Ackerman, and Jeremy Kwolek




Reproductive Experience and Nest Tunnel Use by Female Mallards

Daniel W. Coulton and Robert G. Clark




Consistency in Initiation Timing of Wild Mallards

Timothy C. Kimmel, Matthew R. Pieron, and Frank C. Rohwer




Incubation Rhythms and Nest Success of Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) and Northern Pintails (Anas acuta) in Southwestern Alberta, Canada

Everett E. Hanna and Robert B. Emery



Incubation Patterns in Wood Ducks: Effects of Clutch Size, Age and Body Mass

Juliana B. Almeida, C. Alex Hartman, Christopher A. Nicolai, and James S. Sedinger




Mass Loss During Incubation of Mallards in a Southern Breeding Area

Shaun L. Oldenburger, Gregory S. Yarris, Daniel L. Loughman, Joshua A. Ackerman, M. Robert McLandress, and John M. Eadie




Habitat Use and Diel Movements by Female Mallards in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley

Bruce E. Davis, Alan D. Afton, and Robert R. Cox, Jr.




Movements and Use of Habitats by Female Mottled Ducks in Coastal Louisiana and Texas

Bruce E. Davis, Erin M. Wehland, Frank C. Rohwer, and Bart M. Ballard




Use of Habitats by Female Mallards Wintering in Southwestern Louisiana

Paul T. Link and Alan D. Afton


Habitat Use of Female Gadwall that Winter Along the Gulf Coast

Jacob M. Gray, Alan D. Afton, and Richard M. Pace III




Factors Influencing Behavior of Waterfowl during Migration Through Rainwater Basin Wetlands

Elisabeth B. Webb, Loren M. Smith, Mark P. Vrtiska, and Theodore G. LaGrange


Behavior and Bioenergetics of Spring-migrant Ducks on Wetlands Near Roads in Nebraska

Mark A. Pfost, Robert K. Murphy, and Mark P. Vrtiska


Influence of Roads on the Use of Wetlands by Spring-staging Ducks in South-Central Nebraska

Mark A. Pfost, Mark P. Vrtiska, and Robert K. Murphy


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