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Contributed Papers 3 - Waterfowl Foods & Habitat Management 

Oral Presentations - Wednesday morning, 19 August 2009

Session Chair - David Haukos, Texas Tech University 
Time:   Title and Authors:
10:15 - 10:30   Using Bioenergetic Models for Conservation Planning in the Klamath Basin, California

Bruce D. Dugger, Mark J. Petrie, and Dave Mauser


10:30 - 10:45   Increased Winter Habitat Improves Body Condition of Ducks in the Central Valley of California

Joseph P. Fleskes, Michael R. Miller, Gregory S. Yarris, Douglas R. Thomas, and John M. Eadie


10:45 - 11:00   Linking Winter Waterfowl Habitat to Survival: Challenges and Opportunities in Measuring Conservation Effect

John M. Tirpak, Michael G. Brasher, Bruce D. Dugger, John M. Eadie, Robert S. Holbrook, Kenneth J. Reinecke, Ryan R. Reker, Gregory J. Soulliere, William B. Uihlein, III, and Barry C. Wilson


11:00 - 11:15   Estimating Habitat Carrying Capacity for American Black Ducks Wintering in Southern New Jersey

Dane M. Cramer, Paul M. Castelli, Chris K. Williams, and Tina Yerkes


11:15 - 11:30   Plant and Duck Community Responses to Management and Hydrology on Wetlands Reserve Program Lands in Mississippi

K. Sarah Fleming, Richard M. Kaminski, Todd E. Tietjen, Gary N. Ervin, Kevin D. Nelms, and Michael L. Schummer


11:30 - 11:45   Effects of Cattle Grazing on Wetland Parameters Important to Breeding Waterfowl in the Southern Interior of BC

Bruce Harrison and Marc Jones


11:45 - 12:00   Assessing Impacts of Disturbance from Wind Energy Development on Breeding Ducks in the Prairie Pothole Region of North and South Dakota

Ronald E. Reynolds, Neal D. Niemuth, Charles R. Loesch, Johann Walker, Scott E. Stephens, and Jeffrey S. Gleason


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