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Food & Foraging Ecology

Poster Session 1: 8:00 am Tues., 18 August - 11:00 am Wed., 19 August 2009
Formal Viewing Period - 5:00 - 8:00 pm on Tues., 18 August 2009

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Studies of Fall–Winter Food Use by North American Dabbling Ducks: 1900-2008

James T. Callicutt, Heath M. Hagy, Michael L. Schummer, and Richard M. Kaminski




Cost-effective Moist-soil Management in the Central Valley of California

Brian W. Olson, John M. Eadie, Greg Mensik, Jake Messerli, Ed Penny, and Chadd Santerre




Assessment of Waterfowl Food Resources in WRP and Public Land in Western Oregon and Southwest Washington

Graham R. Evans-Peters, Bruce D. Dugger, and Mark J. Petrie




Evaluation of Wetland Size and Vegetative Quality on Waterfowl Use in Wetlands Reserve Program Wetlands in Mississippi

K. Sarah Fleming, Richard M. Kaminski, Todd E. Tietjen, Gary N. Ervin, Kevin D. Nelms, and Michael L. Schummer



Emergent Insect Production in Post-Harvest Flooded Agricultural Fields Used by Ducks and Other Waterbirds

Steven C. Blumenshine, Richard C. Moss, Julie L. Yee, and Joseph P. Fleskes




Aquatic Macro-invertebrates in Hardwood Bottomlands in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley and Interior Flatwoods of Mississippi

Justyn R. Foth, Richard M. Kaminski, Jacob N. Straub, Alan G. Leach, and Theodor D. Leininger




Red Oak Acorn Production and Abundance in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley

Alan G. Leach, Jacob N. Straub, Richard M. Kaminski, Andrew W. Ezell, Justyn R. Foth, Theodor D. Leininger, and Kenneth J. Reinecke




Determining Food Resource Availability for Wintering and Spring Staging American Black Ducks on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Benjamin S. Lewis Jr.,  Michael W. Eichholz, and Tina Yerkes




Patterns in Invertebrate Availability for Waterfowl Consumption during the Spring Migratory Period

Richard D. Schultheis, Michael W. Eichholz, Tina Yerkes, and Matt R. Whiles


Diet of Spring-migrating Ducks in the Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region

Jay Hitchcock, Michael W. Eichholz, and Tina Yerkes




Nutrient Reserves, Food Preferences and Mass Change of Waterfowl Migrating Through the Rainwater Basin of Nebraska

Paul R. Tidwell, Elisabeth B. Webb, Mark P. Vrtiska, and Andrew A. Bishop


A Reliable Correction Factor for Recovery of Moist-soil Seeds from Core Samples

Heath M. Hagy, Jacob N. Straub, and Richard M. Kaminski


True Metabolizable Energy of American Black Duck Foods

John M. Coluccy and Tina Yerkes


Nutritional Analysis of Grass Habitats for Grazing Waterfowl Wintering in the Willamette Valley, Oregon

Anne E. Mini, Bruce D. Dugger, and Mark J. Petrie



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