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North American Duck Symposium and Workshop



The North American Duck Symposium and Workshop was initiated as a forum for biologists, managers, researchers, students, and other concerned individuals to present and discuss current research and management issues of ducks worldwide, with the main focus on North America.  The founders believed that research questions and management issues related to sustaining duck populations and maintaining the tradition of wildfowling in North America were of high importance.  Founders also felt that the waterfowl community had led major advances in broad fundamental aspects of avian biology and sought to ensure that this additional legacy was perpetuated, in part by creating a venue for regular discussion and debate of emerging topics. Therefore, they conceived NADS as an independent meeting free of agency and organizational politics and charged the local scientific committee with ensuring that no group would be allowed to use the forum primarily for promoting their own agendas at the expense of either alternative viewpoints or scientific-based solutions to management or other problems.  The founders also desired to provide considerable involvement of students and their research in NADS meetings.


The mission of the NADS is to advance the art and science of waterfowl conservation, management, education and research in North America by providing a regularly-held forum for the presentation and discussion of information relating to ducks.  


The vision of the NADS is that well-trained and well-informed educators, researchers and managers will ensure that effective management and conservation efforts sustain quality duck habitats and populations for wildfowling and other societal benefits today and for future generations.

NADS Board of Directors

  • Rick Kaminski (Chair), James C. Kennedy Waterfowl & Wetlands Center, Clemson University
  • Brian Davis (Co-Chair), Mississippi State University
  • Tom Nudds (Past Chair), University of Guelph
  • Scott Petrie (Past Co-Chair), Delta Waterfowl
  • Chris Williams (Chair Elect), University of Delaware
  • Alicia Wells-Berlin (Co-Chair Elect), US Geological Service, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
  • Mike Szymanski (Secretary), North Dakota Game and Fish Department
  • Mike Johnson (Board member from past NADS), North Dakota Game and Fish Department
  • Ron Reynolds (Board member from past NADS), US Fish and Wildlife Service
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